Participation in Research Trials

at the OVID Clinic

Participation in Research Trials

The OVID Clinic Berlin is currently the only non-university institution in Germany with the opportunity to serve as a study center for clinical trials involving psychedelic substances on the path to drug approval. We will only be able to treat a small number of patients in these studies. 

Our Study Physicians

Under the leadership of Dr. med. Jungaberle and Dr. med. Bos, we are currently preparing to participate in two clinical studies on the efficacy of psychedelic substances in treating depression (5-MeO-DMT) and generalized anxiety disorder (LSD derivative). These studies have been approved by the BfArM and the relevant ethics committees


Once recruitment of participants begins, we will provide an update. Please subscribe to our OVID newsletter to stay informed. 

We would like to emphasize that participation in the study is free of charge for you, but please note that the treatment process and admission criteria are highly standardized and not very flexible or customizable.