Coverage of Costs?

Private psychiatric-psychotherapeutic day clinic and outpatient clinic

Coverage of Costs

The OVID Clinic Berlin's services are aimed at those with private insurance, those eligible for civil servant state aid (“Beihilfe”) and independently paying patients. It is not normally possible for those with statutory insurance to have their costs covered. 

Psychiatric-psychotherapeutic treatment in our private outpatient Clinic can be provided either as an independently paid service or covered by private health insurance companies (PKV). As an off-label treatment, the method of ketamine-augmented psychotherapy is not included in the standard catalog of private health insurance. This means that, as a rule, only partial coverage by private health insurance providers is possible. We will be happy to discuss with you exactly what this means in your case. Usually, coverage is more easily obtained within the partial inpatient framework. 


We Support you in the Application for the Coverage of Costs

If there is an indication for admission to a Day Clinic, we will be happy to support you in applying for cost coverage from your private health insurance provider and, if applicable, from your state aid office (“Beihilfestelle”). 

We advise to begin treatment in the Day Clinic once you receive confirmation of payment from your insurance company. 

In the same context, if applicable, the granting authority should certify the eligibility of the treatment at our facility.  


Independent-Payers and Billing

If the costs are shared between the private insurance company and the state aid, a partial self-payment may be required.  

Unless you request otherwise, we will bill your treatment on a monthly billing cycle.  

As an independent payer, you will receive a detailed invoice accordingly. If the costs have been approved by the private health insurance provider, we will invoice the health insurance provider directly via a private medical billing office.