Your Way to Us

Private psychiatric-psychotherapeutic day clinic and outpatient clinic

Your Way to Us

Dear prospective patients, 

We are delighted that you are interested in support and treatment at the OVID Clinic Berlin. To facilitate a quick process tailored to your needs, we kindly ask you to contact us by email, via the contact form, or by telephone

Introductory Interview 

After receiving initial preliminary information from our outpatient team, we will offer you an introductory meeting lasting approximately one hour. This is usually reimbursable for private patients. We also offer these initial consultations as an individual-pay service for people with statutory health insurance and those without German health insurance. 

Financial Coverage

If you have private insurance for partial inpatient and inpatient care, it is at the discretion of your private insurance whether the appointment will be reimbursed as a pre-inpatient appointment for subsequent day-care admission or whether you will bear the costs of the initial consultation yourself. 

After the initial contact, we discuss all new patients in the Clinic Team and offer them one or more specific treatment options within a week. 

Ich berate Sie gerne

Nadine Fortmann

Patient Administrator and Physiotherapist

Admission to the Day Clinic

For Day Clinic treatment, you will need a referral from your treating specialist, which is usually your psychiatrist. However, general practitioners can also make such a referral. In addition to the formal referral, you will also need to apply for partial inpatient treatment.  

This should include your existing psychiatric/psychosomatic diagnoses and an assessment of the current severity of the illness.  

Furthermore, the current treatments and therapeutic measures should be specified. You are also required to explain why outpatient treatment is no longer sufficient and why you need to be admitted as a partial inpatient. 

If you are not currently undergoing specialist treatment, our Outpatient Clinic can support you with the application and will be happy to provide you with an explanation aid to justify the partial inpatient admission.  

Treatment in the Outpatient Clinic

If you decide to undergo outpatient treatment, this is available to you either as an independent-payer or partially reimbursed by private health insurance. 

We offer classic psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy. If you are eligible for this, full coverage of ketamine-augmented therapy as an outpatient service is not possible in most cases. You will have to cover at least part of the costs yourself.  

Please take advantage of the advice offered by our Outpatient Clinic Manager to enable optimal planning for your individual case. 

We are here for you

Nadine Fortmann

Patient Administrator and Physiotherapist