Ketamine & Other Psychedelic Methods

Psychedelic Therapy Strategies as an Extension of Standard Treatments

The OVID Clinic Berlin offers guideline-based psychotherapy at a high professional level. Our therapy plans are individually tailored to the needs of each patient and can be expanded to include psychedelic-augmented therapy strategies if required.  

We offer individual and group therapies based on behavioral therapy and depth psychology. These can be carried out both in the outpatient clinic and in the day clinic setting. As part of our "psychedelic" augmented psychotherapy, altered states of consciousness are used to effectively support and intensify therapeutic processes. Depending on the individual problem, pharmacological methods such as the administration of ketamine (an atypical psychedelic) or non-pharmacological methods such as optical stimulation using stroboscopic light, immersive breathing techniques, and virtual reality are used. The Clinic also participates in ongoing approval studies with substances like 5MeO-DMT and (in the near future) LSD. 

Our medical team has decades of experience in the use of antidepressants, antipsychotics, and other 'classic' psychotropic medications. We typically prescribe these strategies in conjunction with psychotherapy and always prioritize the patient's preferences. We also offer specialized support for discontinuing psychotropic medication under the supervision of a clinical specialist. Read more about this topic here.  

We also provide integration therapy. We see this as both an adjustment aid and crisis treatment for individuals who have sought out psychedelic and other disruptive states outside of the medical field. These individuals often come to us after challenging or unsuccessful self-treatments or difficult experiences in the context of wellness and ceremonial offerings. We never ask our patients to engage in such activities but see our offer of integration as therapeutic harm reduction and, in successful cases, as an impulse for growth. 

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Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle

Chief Physician

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