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History and Development 

Outpatient and Day Clinic Services

Our Outpatient and Day Clinic services include guideline-based therapies and innovative methods - embedded in a holistic therapy that focuses on mental health and conscious living. Read more about the building blocks of our concept. We combine individual and group therapy strategies with pharmacological, mindfulness-based, and digital methods. 

Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Gründer

Medical Director and Chief Physician

Pioneer in the Research of Psychedelics for the Treatment of Depression – the EPIsoDE Psilocybin Study

We began as a private psychiatric-psychotherapeutic practice with a focus on ketamine-augmented and integration-focused psychotherapy in February 2021. The relaunch in January 2024 signifies a significant expansion of our therapeutic approaches.  

Our chief physician, Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Gründer, initiated the EPIsoDE study in 2021, concurrently with the establishment of the OVID Clinic Berlin - the first German study on the treatment of treatment-resistant depression with the psychedelic psilocybin. This high-quality Phase II study, involving 144 patients, was conducted at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim in collaboration with our colleagues at Charité University Hospital Berlin. Our second chief physician, Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle, also gained therapeutic experience with psilocybin during this clinical trial. Our approach to ketamine is informed by this multi-year experience with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, distinguishing us significantly from the often purely neurobiologically oriented ketamine infusion therapies practiced in other institutions. 

Use of Psychedelic Therapy Strategies and Augmentation Methods

In the last three years, our dedicated team of medical specialists, psychological psychotherapists, complementary medicine practitioners, and nursing staff have been able to establish differentiated expertise in the treatment of complex psychiatric-psychotherapeutic cases. We always consider psychedelic methods in the context of lifelong learning. The focus is on what people can make of these therapeutic experiences and how they contribute to their process of change. 

Development of a Differentiated Expertise in the Team of the OVID Clinic Berlin 

In intensive short-term therapies, we were able to help people who had not benefited from other therapy modalities, or only benefited to a limited extent. Support with psychedelic therapy strategies proved to be particularly helpful for people who were previously only able to implement insights gained in psychotherapy to a limited extent into the reality of their lives. Of course, everything that happens at the OVID Clinic Berlin is not only legal but also based on guidelines and evidence. 

Augmenting Methods such as the Use of Psychedelics, Immersive Breathwork or Digital Therapeutics 

Time and time again, we have also accompanied people who had previously tried to treat themselves with psychoactive substances on their initiative and, in some cases, harmed themselves in the process. We are also familiar with providing support for complex philosophical and spiritual life challenges. In the Day Clinic, we now apply our specialized knowledge within the framework of guideline-based psychotherapy for conditions such as depression, burnout, anxiety disorders, and trauma-related disorders, among others. Where it appears meaningful to support the therapy process for individual patients, we also employ augmentative methods - utilizing legal psychedelics, immersive breathwork, or digital therapeutics. At the heart of our approach to medicine is the individual, with their unique potential for joy, pain, and growth. 

Treatment with Psychedelic Therapy Methods Only When Necessary and at the Explicit Request of the Patient 

Naturally, we are also able to provide treatment without psychedelic therapy methods if you prefer or if augmented treatment is not suitable. If you are interested, we invite you to attend our informational events or schedule an appointment. 


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Nadine Fortmann

Patient Administrator and Physiotherapist