We Offer a Wide Range of Therapeutic Options

Responsible Support

The OVID Clinic Berlin offers a wide range of therapeutic options. We assemble these for you against the backdrop of a holistic view of humanity geared towards lifelong learning – individual, professional, and varied.  Our invitation is to guide you responsibly towards self-directed growth, fostering psychological flexibility that empowers individuals to navigate life's challenges with resilience and purpose. 

We combine established medical and psychotherapeutic therapies with innovative tools from current clinical research - such as treatment with psychedelics, immersive breathwork, digital therapeutics such as multisensory VR (virtual reality) and mobile phone-based apps. 

Mindfulness and Psychedelic Methods in Therapy

Our interdisciplinary team of medical specialists, psychotherapists, and complementary therapy practitioners provides holistic, growth, and transformation-oriented treatment that includes value-oriented, philosophical, and spiritual questions. We merge individualized talk therapies with exercise, body, and creative therapy modalities. Depending on the goals we establish with you, we expand the therapy program to include work with contemplative and psychedelic methods – to connect head, heart, and hands. Participation in psychedelic methods is by no means obligatory. The indication for this is always individual, tailored to your resources and your process of change. 


Please note:

The OVID Clinic Berlin's services are aimed at adult patients aged 18 and over.

Unfortunately, we are unable to treat children and adolescents.

Partial inpatient treatment requires a diagnosis and referral by a specialist in psychiatry or psychosomatics.

If you are unsure whether treatment with us is right for you, we will be happy to advise you - on the phone or during an initial consultation in our outpatient clinic. 

Summary of Treatment Options in our Day Clinic


In addition to regularly scheduled individual therapies with assigned primary therapists, there are group therapy sessions offered several times a week. These sessions focus on various group-related and thematic topics.  

Here's a selection of therapy options available at our Day Clinic:  

  • Psychiatric, Neurological, and Somatic Medical Care 

  • Individual and Group Psychotherapy (Behavioral Therapy, Depth Psychology-Based, and Creative Therapy Approaches) 

  • Treatment with Classical Antidepressants and S-ketamine 

  • Ketamine-Augmented Psychotherapeutic Sessions (KAP) in Individual and Group Settings 

  • Immersive Breathwork in Individual and Group Settings (Evocative Breathwork) 

  • Relaxation Techniques (Autogenic Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Body Scan, Hypnotherapeutic Interventions, and Virtual Reality)  

  • Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Practices 

  • Bibliotherapy (Reading, Reading, Reading Aloud, and Discussing Your Own Diary or World Literature) 


  • Movement Therapy Approaches (Yoga, Sports and Play Therapy Programs, and Functional Gymnastics Sessions)  

  • Nursing Support 

  • Creative Therapy Offers (Music and Art Therapy) 

  • Body Therapy  

  • Physiotherapy and Massage  

  • Sexual Therapy Counseling  

  • Coaching on Lifestyle and Philosophy, Sleep, and Stress management  

  • Nutritional Counseling  

  • Social Counseling  

  • Laboratory Medicine and Diagnostic Measures 

  • Infusion Treatments (Vitamin C and Micronutrients) 

The following external activities are also offered on a regular basis:

  • Walking Group  

  • Fitness Studio and Personal Training  

  • Walks and Hikes 

  • Museum Visits  

  • Theater Visits 

  • Concert Visits 

Management of our Therapeutic Team

If you have any individual questions, please contact us directly


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