Relatives of Patients

Private psychiatric-psychotherapeutic day clinic and outpatient clinic

Dear Relatives,

when your loved ones or relatives come to us, you have often already been through a long journey together in dealing with difficult life situations and mental illness - and have often hoped and worried when your loved one has started a new treatment. 

Processes of Change

At the OVID Clinic Berlin, we offer innovative, "disruptive" treatment options in addition to guideline-based therapy methods. 

Intensive psychotherapeutic treatment, whether augmented with substances such as ketamine or not, is inherently dynamic. This process often begins with uncertainty and a sense of pressure to change, as individuals embark on a journey toward improving symptoms and overall quality of life. 

To support you and your relatives in this process of change and development, we also offer information sessions before treatment begins. 

Relatives Groups and Relatives-Coaching

In addition, there will be groups for relatives at regular intervals where you can talk to people in similar situations under the guidance of a therapeutically trained coach. 

Both the information events and the coaching sessions for relatives take place as required. Please contact us by e-mail, via the contact form or by telephone. 

We are here for you

Nadine Fortmann

Patient Administrator and Physiotherapist